Children exercise all the time without even thinking about it. Just being active is a kind of exercise. Playing sports, dancing, doing push-ups, and even reaching down to touch toes are forms of exercise.

Image result for physical exercise childrenWhen you exercise, you are building a strong body that is able to move around and do everything it wants to do. If you are active every day, be sure your body will thank you one day!
When you are activate, your body requires extra calories or energy. If you eat more calories than your body needs, it gets stored as excess fats. This fat accumulates, making you obese or overweight.

Aerobic Exercise

Image result for aerobics clipartAerobic means “with air,” so aerobic exercise is an activity that requires oxygen. When you breathe you take in oxygen, and while doing aerobics exercises, your breathe get faster than normal. Aerobic activity makes you sweet and quickens your breathing; it also makes your heart pump well. 

Swimming, basketball, jogging (or walking quickly), football, skipping, jumping rope, and playing hopscotch are aerobic activities, too!

Exercise Makes You Feel Good

Image result for endorphinsIt feels good to have a strong, flexible body that can do all the activities you enjoy—like running, jumping, and playing with your friends. When you exercise, your brain releases a chemical called endorphins-ins which makes you feel happy.

Exercise Strengthens Your Muscles

Image result for arm muscles for kidsExercise helps make your muscles stronger. Have you ever tried tour hand at push-ups, or swinging across the monkey bars at the playground? These exercises build strength. Here are some exercises and activities to build strong muscles—push-ups, pull-ups, tug-of-war, rowing, running, cycling.

Exercises for a flexible body

Tumbling and gymnastics, yoga, dancing, martial arts, simple stretches, such as touching your toes or side stretches are helpful for a flexible body.


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